Life Hygiene 101. Part 1 – STRESS

Ah. Now its time to go into quite grey area for many people. Do you now how may times I had conversation like this: Client: Alex, I do everything right, but see no results. I eat well, I exercise well, but nothing happens. Me: Well, if you don't see results, it means you don't do [...]

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Annual periodization

If you are exercising yourself, or you are in the fitness and health industry, you must have heard waaaay more than once from other people that exercising gets boring and when motivation is gone, they have extremely hard time staying on track with their plan. And when it happens more than once, then frustration builds [...]

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What to Eat? (Macronutrient Sources for Healthier Lifestyle)

What is the first advice that doctors give their clients to help them lose weight? “Cut your carbs.” What is the first advice that aspiring bodybuilders receive in their attempts to gain weight and build muscle? “Eat more protein” What is one of the most popular phrases you hear every time when conversation goes towards [...]