Language of training, nutrition and life hygiene. Part 2

Now its time to clear out the nutrition terminology. Unfortunately, nowadays there are so many sources where the person can receive information on nutrition and so many conflicting messages out there that average person with no specific education will not be able to separate right information from wrong one. So before we move actual nutritional advice, let’s discuss main issues that anyone who start thinking about healthier lifestyle is doomed to bump into:

1. Simplicity and Complexity.
That’s right, simplicity is an issue. Nutritional information right now is either overly simplified or overly complicated, balance is very rarely there. Example of overly simplified nutrition advice is Oprah’s, Dr. Phill’s, or any other TV host’s advice to eat cereal or oatmeal in the morning. Listen, just because they say so, does that mean it’s correct information? So that means that anything we here on TV is true, right? Even when they advertise McDonald’s Big Mac combo? Exactly. Its way too simple to be true.
However, example of over-complicated approach in nutrition is when person with no previous  nutritional knowledge except the one picked in the childhood decides to start new life and goes simultaneously on a diet, quits all bad habits, changes grocery to organic, goes gluten-free, lactose-free, fat-free, low-carb, blood-type specific etc, etc. Issue with this approach is too much too soon. Some of that advice is perfectly healthy. However to try to apply it before you settle certain life habits is sorta like trying to comprehend information of fourth year of university before you graduate high school. Too complicated too soon. Make sure you do all the basics first.

2. Conflicting messages.
Fat-free or low-carbs? High protein or low protein? Three meals a day or five-six smaller meals? To eat breakfast or not to eat breakfast? How about late night eating – good or bad? To eat meat or to go vegetarian? Or vegan? Organic or non-organic? Atkins or Beverly Hills diet? Or Weight Watchers? Or Herbal Magic? Or Paleo diet? Or Slimfast? Or…..???

The flow of information is never-ending, every day, constant and very aggressive. Yet we can draw few conclusions out of this fact.
First – if there are so many conflicting, self-assuring and reciprocally denying messages out there, it means that the single and simple solution to the issue doesn’t exist. Simply put, different approaches can work for different people. There are, however, flat-out wrong theories that are proven to be harmful for any population. Guess what? Huge Fat-Free Theory, that started back in 80-s is one of them. Once again – constant and regular consuming of fat-free products is bad for you. Need to know why? Hang around, we will cover it later. Or do your own research.

3. Regulation.
In any field that you can pick there are few authorities that proven to be the most influential in the industry. Very often they also teach what they know. However, once in a while the aforementioned authorities go out of there way and try to deliver messages to non-related areas. Usually it’s taken with a huge grain of salt by most of us.  When a movie star shows up on the Food Network show, we all smile and don’t take culinary talent of theirs very seriously.
But the advice on nutrition, for some unknown reason, is a different story. Despite their obvious success in TV industry, who gave people like Oprah to give nutritional advice?

What does she keep saying? Eat cereal in the morning? Hmmm…
Most likely it’s done with good intentions, but isn’t it obvious that their own advice didn’t work all that well on them? Success multiplies success, failure multiplies failure. But success in business will not necessarily bring success in health. And vice versa of course. Nothing against anyone who wants to share their ideas about nutrition, but if you ever decide to take advice from TV host or celebrity about the nutrition, think about if this person qualified to give such an advice? And should you take advice from, for example you veterinary doctor about your real estate? Wouldn’t it make any sense?
Phew! That totally seemed like a rant.
Okay, rant is over, lets move on to what you should and shouldn’t do with food to get the body of your dreams.

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