2018 – Ready? Set! Go!

Happy New Year everyone! Let us cordially congratulate you with successful end of the previous year and entering this 2018 with new hopes and new beginnings. Even if previous year was not extremely successful, in your opinion, it is always very helpful to remember that if you are alive and able to meet yet another [...]

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Tooth Brushing and Exercising. Part 2

Okay, so today I'm talking about the points to take about organizing your training process this way so it will not steal away from your daily energy, won't frustrate you, won't depress you etc. Developing "no negative emotions" mindset towards exercising. Regardless of how busy you are. B-)   1. Prepare for bumps on the [...]

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Change. What does it have to do with training?

Every time when someone shows up in the gym with determination to get oneself in shape, there are stages of thought that precede this appearance. Basically, every decision making process can be described by this simple diagram: Precontemplation - Contempletion - Preparation - Action - Maintenance Precontemplation First, there is no thought or awareness that problem exist [...]

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Tooth brushing and exercising. Part 1

Imagine your regular morning. You went to bed at okay time, woke up with decent mood, its time to make your morning coffee. And while it's waiting for you, you're heading to brush your teeth. You are brushing you teeth and thinking about the coffee... or about the commute to work... or about work... or [...]

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Language of training, nutrition and life hygiene. Part 3

Nutrition concepts While there are as many various diets and opinions as drops in the rain, the good and worthy ones are far and few in between. And what's most important to us, they all share few common concepts. Let's take a look at them: 1. Good nutrition properly controls energy intake and energy output 2. [...]

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Language of training, nutrition and life hygiene. Part 2

Now its time to clear out the nutrition terminology. Unfortunately, nowadays there are so many sources where the person can receive information on nutrition and so many conflicting messages out there that average person with no specific education will not be able to separate right information from wrong one. So before we move actual nutritional [...]

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Life Hygiene 101. Part 2 – TOXICITY

Toxicity. In my mind the word strongly associates with a scene from Robocop movie, where one of the bad guys in the end of the movie falls into the pond full of something signed "Toxic!" and then has a whole bunch of unpleasant things happening to him, from skin peeling to truck hitting. I know, [...]

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Annual periodization

If you are exercising yourself, or you are in the fitness and health industry, you must have heard waaaay more than once from other people that exercising gets boring and when motivation is gone, they have extremely hard time staying on track with their plan. And when it happens more than once, then frustration builds [...]

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What to Eat? (Macronutrient Sources for Healthier Lifestyle)

What is the first advice that doctors give their clients to help them lose weight? “Cut your carbs.” What is the first advice that aspiring bodybuilders receive in their attempts to gain weight and build muscle? “Eat more protein” What is one of the most popular phrases you hear every time when conversation goes towards [...]