2018 – Ready? Set! Go!

Happy New Year everyone! Let us cordially congratulate you with successful end of the previous year and entering this 2018 with new hopes and new beginnings. Even if previous year was not extremely successful, in your opinion, it is always very helpful to remember that if you are alive and able to meet yet another day – it is a great success and good luck.

In our neck of woods, we believe that, since you are fortunate enough to meet new 2018 year, then you have to be very successful in reaching our greatest possible potential in everything! One condition though – you must be healthy enough to concentrate on whatever it is you are trying to achieve. And, hence, health comes prior to success. We wish you a lot of health from Feeling Well Place and we will work tirelessly to help you improve your wellbeing and become better every day.

Now, we start January 1 with a first health and fitness related tip. Start dedicating 10-12 minutes every day on few simple movements, so you can start slowly building your consistency with exercising. It is better to do 20-30 minutes daily workout then to dedicate 2.5 hours once or twice a week. Do small daily practices, similar to what Tai Chi practitioners do, and you will notice that it will become significantly easier to find time in your day to do more health-dedicated activities. We are saying that because “oh, I wish I would have time to workout” is still number one excuse that we hear everyday. And we never buy it. You can always spend 15 minutes on doing something, and it doesn’t call for a gym, travel time and 1.5-2 hours time away from your family and daily duties. What exactly you need to do? We will show small example below.

  1. Activate glutes. Do Cook Hip Lifts or Lying Hip Lifts, pause on top for few seconds,, concentrate on a glutes squeeze. Don’t rush and listen to your body            
  2. Straighten up the thoracic area. Do bench thoracic extension, use a chair or a couch, breathe deep, stretch everything in your upper back
  3. Mobilize hips. Do rotational Fire Hydrants, move only through your hip joint, don’t bend elbows, don’t shift hips
  4. Mobilize shoulders. Do Seated Scapular Wall Slide, press your entire back against the wall, and gently glide your arms up and down the wall
  5. Activate abdomen. Do Wall Pressed Deadbugs. Press your back into the floor, press your hands into the wall, try to tuck the tailbone under, trying to lift it off the floor, and carefully straighten one leg at a time, keeping all this structure. Breathe shallow and keep this structure
  6. Do a full-body exercise. I am talking about Banded Overhead Air Squat. Keep the band slightly tightened, push your hips back once you start the squat, then keep torso as tight and upright as you can, keep forcing knees outwards and maintain arms overhead.
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